About Us

Mission of the Rutgers Omega Chi Epsilon Chapter

Our goal is to promote high scholarship, original investigation, and professional service in chemical engineering as well as recognize the virtues of character, integrity and leadership by following our motto,  “Ode Chrototos Eggegramai,” or, “In this Society, professionalism is engraved in our minds.”

The Five Objectives of OXE

  1. RECOGNITION: to recognize excellence in chemical engineer
  2. INVESTIGATION: to promote original investigation and innovation in chemical engineering
  3. SERVICE: to provide service to the chemical engineering department or school and its student body
  4. COMRADESHIP: to promote comradeship among chemical engineers
  5. The last value, PROFESSIONALISM, to promote honesty, integrity and social responsibility, by reminding us of the world-wide scope of chemical engineering, brought to us by the tools of mathematics, chemistry and physics.