Membership Benefits:

Becoming a member of Omega Chi Epsilon is the doorway to taking on responsibilities and bringing about changes within the Rutgers Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering. It also  presents opportunities to talk to company representatives, professors, and other students on behalf of OXE. Specific benefits include:

  • Conference sponsorship
  • Networking opportunities
  • Graduation regalia for active members
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Faculty-Student Relations
  • Recognition
  • Resume Critique sessions
  • Pilot plant tours
  • Opportunities with Rutgers Engineering Honors Council

Membership Requirements:

Becoming a member of OXE:

One must meet the following requirements:

  • Be in good academic standing, which means meeting the required cumulative GPA requirement (3.6 for sophomores (SPRING ONLY), 3.4 for juniors, 3.2 for seniors, 3.5 for graduate students in the department)
  • Attend two OXE hosted or sponsored events
  • Attend induction
  • Pay a $30 membership/induction fee

Maintaining active membership:

  • Maintain cumulative GPA above eligibility requirements
  • Attend 10 OXE hosted or sponsored events before graduation